Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dexter analysis


Dexter is written in blood

jump cuts- dexter waking up then cut to him shaving, his blood drips into the sink and then him wiping the blood running down his neck, him wiping his neck to him cutting open the steak, him putting the steak into the pan to him stabbing and twisting it, putting the egg into the pan and stabs it and twists it like he is stabbing someone.


Non Digetic Sound:

-creepy music
-click at the end
-music fades away when he leaves the flat
(matches his facial expressions)

Foley track (emphasis sound)
digetic sound

-blood dripping
-pulling key out of the door
-slicing orange
-killing the fly


starts by focusing on the mosquito, dexter kills it, then the camera refocuses on dexters face smiling.
Close ups - dexters face before he leaves the house -see his face clearly and shows dark side of his face
Extreme close ups - cooking, cutting orange, cleaning blood.


blood, fruit and other red liquids indicate murder
white tshirt pressing against his face suggests smothering
his facial expressions through the sequence makes him seem creepy/ like a psycho
seems normal at the end when he leaves the house
Going through the morning as any normal day (breakfast, flossing, shaving) shows the first sign of blood.

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